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What does it do?
Laser treatment is the most effective method to permanently remove dark and coarse hair from any area of the face or body.

It can also treat painful and unattractive in-growing hairs including Pseudofollicullitis Barbae (ingrown hairs on the face or beard area).

One of its great benefits is that it is faster and less painful than other techniques.

inner laser hair

How does it work?
Lasers remove unwanted hair based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. Photothermolysis is the process where light energy causes damage to the hair follicle. The light penetrates through the skin and is absorbed in the pigment (melanin) in the hair shaft. This energy causes the temperature in the hair follicle to rise to a sufficiently high level to destroy the structure and prevent regrowth.

Due to the cyclic nature of hairs, effective treatments only occur within the hair’s active growth phase so several treatments are necessary. Most areas can be treated in 20-60 minutes. However, large body areas such as legs and backs, may take up to 90 minutes.

Are there any side effects?
Depending on your individual pain threshold the treatment could be described as a slight tingling sensation up to a flicking of a rubber band on the skin. Cooling pads are applied and topical anaesthetic cream can be used to minimise discomfort. Occasionally problems such as temporary blistering, redness around the hair follicles or pigmentation changes can occur.

Is it permanent?
*Laser hair removal will permanently reduce hair regrowth in most patients by 90%. *For 100% removal further spot treatments are often necessary after the initial 4-6 treatments.

*Note results may vary from person to person

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Laser Hair Removal FAQ