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Medical grade skin care is different to products available over the counter, as there are restrictions on the strength and pH on over the counter products. Medical skin care ranges have a minimum of 5 times the concentration (and sometimes much more) of the active ingredients in comparison to the over the counter products.

Medical grade skin care aims to reverse, protect, and minimise further skin damage, and are only available under medical supervision.

These products costs less than many products sold over the counter and will be far more effective at improving your skin concerns.

Medical grade skin care should contain:

  1. skin exfoliants eg alpha-hydroxy acids to allow better penetration of active ingredients
  2. stimulating agents eg vitamin A (Retinol), vitamin C to help your skin produce more collagen
  3. antioxidants eg vitamin C, vitamin E to help protect and repair against damage
  4. protection eg vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide), and also a broad spectrum sunscreen and mineral makeup

For more information on improving the health of your skin and Medical Grade Skin Care Regimes please see our Good Skin Health News page or

*Note results may vary from person to person

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