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There are many options for achieving better scars, with preventative treatments being far more effective than trying to treat scars once they are raised (hypertrophic or keloid scars).

*All scars go through a red and lumpy, obvious phase for the first 6-8 weeks, and usually after 2 months the redness and lumpiness fades away, with most scars not achieving the final result until 9-12 months (sometimes a 2 years or more).

Scar treatment model 01, Dr Charles Cope

*Taping scars for 3-4 months with micropore tape, hyperfix or silicone sheets will help produce better scars. Massage is also effective at reducing the lumpiness of scars but only if you remember to do the massage. Massage of a few minutes a day twice a day is usually effective, although more often is needed if the scars are thickening up. Therefore with larger scars on the body taping is usually easier. It is the massage (pressure) that helps reduce the scar, not what is in the oil or cream used for the massage.

*If the scars are continuing to thicken at 4-6 weeks then the medical grade Fraxel re:store DUAL laser or Halo laser is the best laser to help minimise the scarring, with treatments usually performed at 4 weekly intervals until the scar is flat. The maximum depth of penetration of the Fraxel laser is 1.4mm (usual treatment levels are to 1mm depth), so again preventative treatments are more effective than trying to treat a scar that is already 3-4mm thick. Occasionally steroid injections or other treatments are necessary, although these have potential side-effects.

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