Ear Surgery – Otoplasty – Prominent Ear Correction

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Prominent ear surgery (otoplasty) is a common surgical procedure can improve self-esteem by removing self-consciousness many people have about their ears sticking out. Dr Cope performs otoplasty on both children and adults, although in children it is best performed after the child is 5 or 6 years old. The surgery involves reshaping or removing the ear cartilage to bring the ears closer to the head, with the surgery being performed through an incision hidden in the crease behind the ear.

Prominent ear correction involves a general anaesthetic, and is performed as a day surgery or overnight stay procedure. After the surgery the ears are covered with a bandage that needs to be kept clean and dry for a week. There is some temporary bruising and swelling, which lasts about two weeks, and a protective headband should be worn at night for a month. *Most patients return to school or work after one week, with no sporting activities for one month.

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