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Inverted nipples usually become apparent at puberty, and can occur in one or both breasts.

They can cause embarrassment and distress for many women, as well as make it difficult or impossible to breast feed.

Inverted nipples can be surgically corrected to restore nipple projection, and depending on the severity of the nipple inversion, Dr Cope can perform the surgery while preserving the milk ducts to retain the capability to breast feed.

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Breast enhancement by correction of inverted nipples is performed as a day surgery procedure, and can be performed either under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic and sedation, with *most patients returning to work within a few days.

Before and After Inverted Nipple Correction

Frequently Asked Questions

Inverted nipple correction can be performed at any age after your breasts have completely developed. If you are about to have children soon then you should wait until after pregnancy and breast feeding, as in some people with inverted nipples breast feeding can improve or reverse inverted nipples – if you are young and this is many years away then this may not be an issue.

Correction of inverted nipples releases scar tissue that holds the nipple inverted, restoring a normal appearance.

Inverted nipple correction is usually permanent, although occasionally it can recur.

The scar runs across the nipple, but fades well and is rarely obvious.

Most correction of inverted nipples techniques leave some scarring inside the nipple, and breast feeding cannot be guaranteed after inverted nipple correction procedure. It is important to note that only about two-thirds of women can successfully breast feed even if they have never had an operation on their breasts).

Some people can successfully treat inverted nipples by using nipple piercings with a bar-bell type piercing to hold the nipple out.

There is a Medicare item number for inverted nipple correction, and if you are insured your health fund may cover the hospital bed fee and theatre fee costs if you choose to have the surgery in hospital (depending on your level of insurance).

Most correction of inverted nipples can be performed under local anaesthetic in the office, minimizing the cost. However, some people choose to have the surgery under a general anaesthetic in hospital.

During the first few days after surgery you need to rest and take things quietly at home. When you go home there will be waterproof dressings covering your breasts, which normally stay on for one week, allowing you to shower normally. Most people find these dressings supportive, but if you find it more comfortable to wear a supportive sports bra that’s fine. Most people return to work within a few days after correction of inverted nipples.

For most people it is 10-14 days until they are ready to return to sport and full activities

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