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Mole Removal/Skin Cancers & Prevention

Treatment of skin lesions such as removal of moles, cysts, scars and many skin cancer/early melanoma treatments are common procedures that can be often be performed by Dr Cope under local anaesthetic in his rooms, avoiding the need for day surgery. *These are relatively simple procedures, with most patients returning to work immediately.

More complex skin cancer/melanoma treatment may require admission to hospital, usually either as a day surgery admission or overnight stay.

Actinica_80ml_Pump&Box_AUS-cropw-200wFor patients with widespread actinic keratoses, which develop into skin cancers, treatment with the medical grade Fraxel re:store DUAL laser improves the health of the skin, reducing the need for other treatments by decreasing the number of keratosis by 80-85%.

Recent research has shown that Nicotinamide (vitamin B3) taken orally also reduces the incidence of skin cancers.

Patients should also use medical grade skin care regimes with vitamin A, antioxidants such as vitamin C & E, as well as sunscreen such as Actinica or mineral makeup everyday to protect themselves from sundamage.

Dr Cope recommends Actinica, which is the first sunscreen shown to reduce non-melanoma skin cancers (actinic keratosis and SCCs) in high-risk patients, and is recommended for patients who have sundamage and skin cancers. It does not contain zinc or titanium oxide, but uses a special liposomal delivery system that delivers micro-particles that reflect, scatter and transfer UV energy to the upper corneal layer of the skin, maximising protection.

Actinica is SPF50+ with 4 hour water resistance.

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*Note results may vary from patient to patient

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